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Geoservices’ commitment to Sustainable Development is both environmental and societal

Geoservices puts people at the heart of its commitment to Sustainable Development. This is why Geoservices tends to develop initiatives and projects that are environmentally responsible and sustainable at all levels. The company supports and encourages the efforts of its stakeholders to provide and maintain a pleasant and safe working environment. Geoservices’ strength lies in the diversity of its personnel and its presence worldwide. We operate in 53 countries throughout the world bringing together different cultures and languages. Geoservices considers it to be its duty to invest in the development of its employees.

Innovation and excellence are the heart of the Geoservices culture, and the reason why our commitment also includes investment for the development of new, more environmentally friendly technologies and other innovations to improve our standards of Health, Safety and Quality.

In July 2008, Geoservices became a United Nations Global Compact Charter signatory. As such, Geoservices undertakes to respect and promote the 10 principles of the Global Compact Charter.

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